Commodities Trading

The company deals in a wide variety of consumer electronics items. The product portfolio includes the following items :

  1. LED Televisions of different screen sizes
  2. Consumer devices like Mobile Phones, Tablet PC(s), Laptops and Hybrid Computing devices – of different screen sizes and form factors.
  3. Set-Top-Box : Entire line up of SD, HD, Hybrid and IP-TV boxes
  4. Electronics accessories – like – power adaptors, Dish (Antennae) Reflectors for cable and satellite TV, LNBF (low-noise block down convertor frequency) receivers and cables of various types.
  5. High-end Audio-Video conversion equipment like Multiplexers, Amplifiers, Convertors, Compression Codecs, and, associated accessories – also known by the generic definition of Head-End (H/E) AV equipment of different makes and brands.

The company with its network of global offices and supply-chain relationships, is suitably positioned to provide end-to-end turnkey service solutions for product design, procurement, supply aggregation and logistics services bundled with attractive commercials terms to make our buyers competitive and their businesses sustainable for the long term.

We provide OEM supplies and 3rd party brand supplies and services (like AMC and other long-term contracts) for all the above items as a value-added trading service.